Thornkeep (Druid's Head)

Lobbi's Musings #15

Dire Boars, Dire Warnings

We decide now is a good time to return to the outside world as we will get more gold each from the loot with only three of us left. On that note it appears that Hob was holding out on us, as concealed about his body I find a set of masterworked thieves’ tools, a masterworked dagger, an hourglass filled with sapphire dust, some magic Boots of Friendly Terrain, and a silvered iron key. We forego the Hobroast and leave him to hang.
We check in on the scribes who are still busy scribing. Must try not to forget about them again.
We head up the tunnel leading to the forest to be met by someone claiming to be a “tacks collector”. I admit to having some pins (for my wigs) but no tacks. Seems he works for the person who wanted the mithral rifle that was on the shopping list we found. He had to buy it back from the person we sold it to and wants us to pay the difference! Naturally Reeda orders the attack, quickly summoning a dire boar that leaves the annoying human gored unconscious or dead on the ground. Unfortunately his concealed friends let fly with arrows from where they are hidden in the undergrowth. Reeda drops to the floor from multiple arrow wounds as Jimbob runs back inside the cave. I order Bats to pick up Jimbob and fly into the cave whilst Gremlins and I heal him.
We decide to rest at the inner end of the corridor and I leave Gremlins to keep watch further up. Sort of hoping they will follow us and get caught beyond the mist with the evil magi. As nothing happens, we go invisible out of the Rainbow Door at night and sneak back into town.
Jimbob senses he is being followed, and looking round he spots a vaguely familiar goblin following us. She is Goblina from our tribe who has come to deliver us “dire warnings”. Never good news from back home, is it? She warns us to “Beware the Wielder of the Sword Named Zog”. Well, we already knew Reeda was dangerous. Seems we pick up a different member of our tribe whenever we return. Wonder who else is in town? Apparently the Chief is getting restless over our progress.
Reeda offers to put us up at the Thirsty Ogre overnight as we wait for the town to wake up. Perhaps this is to distract us from the portents being proclaimed by Goblina? Pints of strong beer all round and food (served, at a table, in bowls!) before its all off to bed in Room 4. Bats claims the wardrobe to hang in. In the morning I try to return Hob’s armour under guarantee as it obviously failed to work and we sell the rest of the gear.
I head off to Ye Olde Potion Shoppe to stock up on ones what I want, and can reach, as well as picking up a new Handy Haversack as mine’s full, and swapping some of the wands I’ve been carrying for some magic beads.
Not sure what the others are getting up to whilst I make my purchases…



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