Thornkeep (Druid's Head)

Lobbi’s Musings #11

A Bargain Struck, a Curse Removed

I close the door on the time lock room and head back to see the others. Hopefully they won’t notice my attempt to destroy it. We decide it’s time to loot the necromancer’s chamber.
It appears the strong magic from behind the skulls in the hallway is coming from a Darkskull. It’s a radius effect and best carried by a highly-mobile flying creature so strap it to Bats.
His workroom contained various scrolls in Azlanti about magic. They appear rare and worth a possible 10,00gp if we could remove them from the time lock or copy them. We also loot a tiger pelt worth 1,200gp.
The items taken from the necromancer’s body were: a set of Bracers AC +2, a +2 Breastplate, a Belt of Giant Strength +2, a +1 medium longspear made of fire-forged steel, a Robe of Bones, a Ring of Protection +1, an Amulet of Natural Armour +1, and a Headband of Intellect +2. Most of this is distributed amongst the party.
We barter with the remaining two apprentices into giving us 7,000gp to buy five more Ioun Stones. Jimbob and I set out to buy them as well as hire two scribes to copy the scrolls we have found. We bargain that they can then use the two scribes with the Ioun Stones to escape. What they do next is up to them provided the scribes firstly return to town safe and well and mention what wonderful employers we are.
Jimbob and I return to Thornkeep and go to the bookbinders. For 100gp we hire 2 human scribes with 30 blank books to come with us to copy the scrolls for 15 days. That should be enough to run off three copies to sell. We plan for Reeda to dictate some into Common as well, or sell a master copy to the bookbinder to sell his own copies. We tell them to bring some light for the journey.
Next we head off to the mercantile area to buy Ioun Stones. We buy three cheap ones, replace Jimbob’s, and then look along the shelves for ones to purchase. After selecting ours we pocket the remaining money.
As we will be there for a couple of weeks, we stock up on food and drink to take back.
We head back to the others, taking a winding and misleading route through the forest to confuse the scribe (or we got lost several times).
We set the scribes to their task and get bored, so we return to the only other place to continue our exploration apart from the broken teleport (that is broken due to the active time lock) – the long stairway down. They lead own about 200’ to a small room. As we enter we hear the faint sound of a large bell giving of one deep toll and lights slowly start to come to life. This reveals a faint chalk pentacle on the floor that seems to have been used by someone or something to teleport out from here.
A rusting steel helmet rises into the air and starts following me. Hob suggests we ask it questions and get it to hit the wall once for yes and twice for no.
Deciding it would be more fun, I ask it to hit Hob in the head once for yes and twice for no.
Jimbob and I suddenly have loads of questions to ask it.
Hob starts getting annoyed and swings at Jimbob with his spear. Slinky objects and pounces on Hob. The rest of us stand back cheering them on. Luckily, possibly under the influence of the spear, Hob does not ask Hog to step in.
Slinky makes short work of Hob and leaves him unconscious and bleeding. Taking this opportunity, I quickly heal Hob to stop him dying but leave him out of it. I then slowly pull a Bag of Devouring over the spear until it is completely inside and pull it shut. As they were found in the same place, I wonder if the Bag or Devouring is the stomach of the same creature whose leg made up the spear. Oh well, who cares.
Hopefully Hob is now free of its influence and I can stop writing “Hob rushes in” all the time.


Yes, of course, it was definitely the spears effect that prevented me from calling on Hogwart for aid. I would definitely have remembered to do that otherwise.

Lobbi’s Musings #11

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