Thornkeep (Druid's Head)

A Quasit's Tale

The mad chatterings of a long lost Familiar


Many eons ago the Arch Mage, Nhur Athemon was drawn to these forests. Here he built a vast subterranean fortress to practice and fine tune his Dark Arts. In time he took on 3 Apprentices, my mistress, the Enchantress Vuzhon (Yellow Sigil), Daegros the Conjourer (Red Sigil) and Togarin the Defiler (Blue Sigil).

Nhur Athemon was a cruel and jealous master, and over the years taught less and less to his power hungry apprentices. They soon hatched a plot to overthrow their master, taking all his gained knowledge for themselves.

However things did not go well for the 3 apprentices and Nhur Athemon was ready for them. After a brief but spectacular eldritch battle, the 3 apprentices fled to the relative safety of their own quarters amongst Nhur Athemon’s complex.

Knowing that his apprentices would only grow more powerful over time, but unable to finish them off, Nhur Athemon decided to lock them into their quarters for eternity. He used mighty magics to place a magic seal across the only enterance.

And here they stayed, desperately trying to find a way of escape. Years turned into decades, decades turned into centuries, centuries into millenia. But recently I have felt my mistress has gone, but she still is here



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