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Thornkeep lies in the depths of the Echo Wood, an ancient and mysterious forest that marks the northwestern boundary of the River Kingdoms. This great woodlands divide the treeless steppes of Numeria, from the rolling plains and farmlands of Lambreth and Daggermark, and separates the rich vales of the West Sellen and Dagger rivers. The forest is rarely more than 30 miles wide; there is no point in the forest that is more than a long day’s march from edges. Yet over the centuries countless travelers, explorers, work parties, and the occasional newly founded settlement have vanished into the Echo Wood’s silent green depths.


Echo Wood Surrounding Vicinity

Fort Riverwatch
Fort Inevitable
Alejia’s Crossing
Castle Baskraal
Murdoon Homestead
Woodbristle Homestead


Thornkeep lies about 10 miles from the broad, sluggish West Sellen River and the ruins of the once-prosperous town of Mosswater. The settlement is a disorderly, ramshackle
affair that huddles on a low hill beneath the bramble- covered walls of its namesake castle. The presence of the castle provides the people of Thornkeep with just enough protection to deter the pirates and brigands of the nearby River Kingdoms, while offering Thornkeep’s own bandits and thieves a safe base from which they can prey on traffic along the West Sellen or the Crusader Road.

Three roads meet at Thornkeep. The Dagger Road to the southeast leads toward Daggermark, about 100 miles away. The Mosswater Road to the west leads to the ruins of Mosswater and the banks of the West Sellen; 10 miles west of Thornkeep, it intersects with the Crusader Road, which links the village to Fort Inevitable to the south and Fort Riverwatch to the north. Finally, the Forest Road strikes east from Thornkeep toward Deadbridge in the Protectorate of the Black Marquis . Many smaller tracks criss-cross the woods near the town.

The town lies in a small natural clearing in the Echo Wood, where Echo Stream winds around the foot of Brokenhelm Hill. Most of the town lies on the lower slopes of the hill, wherever builders found good places to raise houses and room for workshops, stores , and warehouses. Some people came to Thornkeep with substantial wealth or a talent for building, and put up homes and shops that are soundly made. Others, lacking skill or funds for building, did the best they could. As a result, much of the town has a distinctly ramshackle and improvised look to it.

The current lord of Thornkeep is Baron Tervin Blackshield, who seized his lofty position by murdering his predecessor 2 years ago. Such has been the way of things in the forest town
for 50 years or more: whoever is strong enough to depose the lord of the castle and make it his own claims the title of baron, and rules until the next would-be lord wrenches power from his grasp. The Druscors, the original noble family of Thornkeep, are long forgotten, having been replaced by a bloody succession of robber knights, bandit queens, mercenary lords, and the occasional bored adventurer.

CN small town
Corruption +2, Crime 0, Economy +1, Law +1, Lore +1, Society -2
Government: Overlord
Population 630 ( 484 humans, 42 half-elves, 27 halflings, 19 goblins, 12 elves, 11 half-orcs,
8 gnomes, 7 dwarves, 20 other)

Base Value 1,400 gp; Purchase Limit 7,500 gp; Spellcasting 4th
Minor Items 3d4; Medium Items 1d6; Major Items -

Notable NPCs

Baron Tervin Blackshield (male human )
Chieftain Darioth Wolfmane ( female human barbarian )
Great Chief Graalsk (male goblin )
Nessa Greenfoot ( female halfling )
Yunar Barask ( male human )
Huntmaster Jaervon Mardesa ( male half-elf )
Farakin Thumbwhistle ( male gnome )
Master Arcanist lliara Starcloak ( female elf wizard )
Captain Ariane Redderfin ( female human )
Zarklezam ( male goblin )
Brother Eldrast ( male dwarf cleric )
Kastya ( elderly female goblin )
Tardin ( male half-orc )
Oreena Hollysong ( elderly human female )
Brishtargera Greenbottle ( female gnome )
Loskar Redcape ( rumoured ) ( male half elf )
Toomdar ( female half-orc )

Guilds and Institutions

Blue Baslisks Mercenary Band
Goldenfire Order
Brambleclaw Clan
Thornkeep Hunter’s Guild
Wolfmane Tribe
The Ironjaws
The Three Daggers
Goblin Bazaar

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