Thornkeep (Druid's Head)

Reeda's Update

Under the Castle

We entered the dungeon complex under the castle in town.

Gook went ahead to set off any traps without hurting the rest of us. He found a room with a floor that collapsed showing spikes a long way below, but he jumped off the floor before it disappeared.

We found lots of rooms and stairs between them, going up and down and down and up.

We found some skeletons, some zombies, some dangerous thing with the zombies, a strange thing that liked shadows. We destroyed all of them!

We found an idol which made my Celestial Eagle go pop, but was quite happy with my Fiendish Eagle.

We found two scrolls which are quite tough to cast: one to make me Invisible, and one to protect me with Electricity.

We found lots of stones that show blue light at the bottom of a pool which my Dolphin collected for me.

Gook tried to steal some coins off a body in the bottom of a trap he found, but we saw him taking the money but we don’t know if he saw us seeing him.


You forgot the wrigglers and the hurty door!

Reeda's Update

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