Thornkeep (Druid's Head)

Reeda's Notes

We searched lots more. There’s plenty of empty places to sneak.

We found a statue in a room, Gook checked it out and brought some slinking slime for us to deal with. Then we got up onto the statue to get at the magic that was hidden in its chest.

We found the first real sign of the mighty Zog empire, for inside was the Guardian of Zog, a powerful sword made with magic! Gook was entrusted with wielding the mighty blade in the name of the new Zog empire!

Later Gook‘s scouting found some goblins. They had a magic user with them which was dealt with quickly by Slasher. After a bit more beating the other goblins tried to give up, but Zog doesn’t want any weedy cowardly goblins in his Empire, so they were killed.

The camp had the loot which they had helpfully collected into one place for us, giving us more money to buy good stuff with; and a chain shirt which will protect me better than the leather armour that the old tribe gave me.

We are going to rest for a little while in our new camp so that we can be prepared for what awaits us deeper in these underground ruins.


The treasure from the goblin camp was:
4 light cross bows
4 dog slicers
4 suits of leather armour
potion of cure light wounds
masterwork chain shirt
masterwork long spear
pouch containing 5 green peridots
small wooden chest (containing 200gp, 400sp, potion of cure light wounds, arrow of sleep)

Reeda's Notes

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