Thornkeep (Druid's Head)

Lobbi's Musings #17

Bodies, Boredom & Betrayal

After long discussions of what’s feasible and possible, Reeda says I can try out my new potion and animate Sphinxy. We spend ages – at least a day – whilst I create a small opening for the sloughed flesh to fall out, leaving the skin on. Sphinxy walks a bit strange and is a bit baggy, so we use some of the scaffolding and some sand to pack out the body and tighten the skin. Seems I’m a natural at this taxidermy thing- who knew? Perhaps I’ll try carpentry next – I have secret plans to build a workshop inside Sphinxy so Gremlins can sit there and make me goodies whilst we travel. Sphinxy’s wings no longer seem to allow it to fly, but we can all fit on or in it with ease and it runs faster than we do.
I also take some time to look at the ioun control spindles. They are worth about 20,000gp each! We keep one spare and take one each to either sell or use to command the rooms.
At the branch from the water corridor, we find a locked door. Digging out the silvered iron key that I found on Hob’s body (Mmmm, he should be nice and ripe by now), we find a room full of cogs and a water-powered wheel with a pool at the bottom. The Witch starts doom-saying again, so we all ignore her whilst nodding politely. We find a lever we cannot move. Air vents lead off but their entrance narrows too much to follow. Using scaffolding out of the money room, we start throwing poles into the gears until we get them to stop. The water level starts rising at it seems it is no longer being pumped out. Not knowing how far up the dungeon the water will reach, and being bored with this room, we go back to speak to the scribes as we have run out of places to explore down here.
They and the magi have gone, taking all their valuables and our books! We appear to have been betrayed by our mage colleagues.
Reeda wants to head back to town to see if the scribes made it back so we head out the tunnel to the woods under a Protection from Missiles spell and being sneaksy. We find the two dead scholars just outside the entrance, looted apart from their clothes. Each has a pattern of 3 new-looking daggers carefully placed on their chest. May be some kind of warning. It may be they were possessed by the magi and have escaped into the bodies of some of these assassins.
We decide to head to town.




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