Thornkeep (Druid's Head)

Lobbi's Musings #16

Sex, Sleep, Slain Slinky, Sea and Sphinx

Having enjoyed a night in a thing called a “bed”, we retire to the floor underneath to sleep. All four of us feel refreshed and ready to go. Sorta glad there are now two females to “spread the load” and these bed things certainly make it more comfortable. There’s even a huge tin oval cooking pot left in the room that would be perfect for broiling Hob in – too big to carry away, though. After a big breakfast, we sneak back to the rainbow door and return to the Kingdom of Zog.
It seems Reeda is allowing Goblina to come with us and learn our secrets. Just what we need, another pessimistic Doomsayer.
The bridge guardian snaky-thing has still not learnt the correct answer to his question so we again kill him and his weird detachable snaky legs. One day he will acknowledge the Power of Zog!
We return to the illusion rooms and decide to try the newly-found door from the Jungle Room, as we pause to consider the fate of Hob in this very room and how bravely he died protecting us. Well, we tried to remember where we’d left his body to cure, anyway. Must be feeling peckish.
I fly through the door with bats and we are back in the Chasm Room on the stack that the snake-legged female is on. We pile in and, despite being hit by a Magic Missile, we despatch her. Disappointingly no loot here. Slinky did forget about the reduced gravity and sailed over the stack, plummeting into the chasm below.
Jimbob, Reeda and I each put on a crown spindle and see if we can make the room appear as a cube. We succeed leading to 3 confused-looking flying gorillas. However this may have been a bad plan as there really is a 100’ drop from the scaffolding platform we are standing on! Bombs and combat ensue, during which Slinky is slain. We claim their loot: 3 mw falchions and 9 mw javelins for Large size creatures, and stop to pick up the Large m/w earthbreaker dropped by the escaping giant. The spindle here is attached to the ceiling, hidden as part of the moon.
I got to try my new Potion Reusing spell to re-use a Lesser Restoration potion for Reeda. Must remember to filter it before drinking it again.
On to the Ocean Room and the water tunnel. Using a re-usable Acute Senses potion, Jimbob finds the spindle for this room in a large anemone. Mage Hand retrieves it and we are in another 100’ tall chamber filled to 40-50’ depth with murky water and a scaffold tower. The underwater tunnel is still here.
The saltwater creatures slowly die in the dirty fresh water and bob to the surface. We rest in the laboratory further on until Slinky can return. I am able to use my remaining potion re-users to harden three of the party’s weapons.
During our discussion, we make various insights and discoveries and can now do more things than we used to.
Advancing on the Sphinx Room, I use my pre-planned Silence scroll purchase and we sneak forward as a group. Reeda stabs the sphinx and kills it with one blow.
I suggest my plan of skinning it for its pelt and then animating it as a skeleton to guard Zog’s kingdom as it appears others are becoming aware and jealous of Zog’s riches.


Hmm, 5th level. Spare skill point. Animate Dead as a skeleton and Taxidermy?

Lobbi's Musings #16

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