Thornkeep (Druid's Head)

Lobbi's Musings #13

I Don't Like This Level

We go back to the Jungle Room and look in. Reeda tells us that most is illusion but there are some real creatures in there, including a six-legged lizard. I offer to make a chemical that will kill the plants in the room, but unless I can create illusory weedkiller I don’t think it will affect the illusions though. We decide to pursue the fleeing giants instead of dealing with this headache.
We go through the Desert Room to the far exit which appears as a long cave. On flying though, however, I suddenly appear in the Cliff Room. Again there are illusions everywhere and some living creatures.
I’m beginning to dislike this place, especially when Bats nearly hits the roof (literally!) when we suddenly seem to have much less weight than usual. This entrance leads to a cliff ledge with another ledge across on the other side, with a 100’ deep chasm between them.
There is an nest of flying 4-armed monkeys armed with weapons (including javelins) on the other cliff face, a group of kobold/raptor-like creatures feasting below, and a humanoid female with snake legs on a free-standing stack further in. We realise the kobold/raptors are eating one of the giants who ran from us as we can see a hammer lying on the floor nearby.
After lining up on the cliff edge, Hog starts throwing rocks at the lizard things and, being an expert at lobbing, I join in. With one precise throw, Hog hits a staggered lizard right between the eyes. All six turn to eye us and start running up the side of the cliff towards us! Despite a few volleys of missile fire from us as they climb we are soon in melee with all six as they breach the top. They are eventually defeated but we take many wounds and I use over half my bombs to finish them. Hog is truly inspiring, yelling encouragement as he slices many-a lizard to pieces with his longsword.
The flying monkeys have gone down to scavenge the carcass of the giant the lizards were eating.
I fly on and find a door at the end of the ledge we are on hidden under an illusion. For once Reeda does not order us to kill the other occupants straight away.
This leads to the Ocean Room, a stack looking over a sea as far as the eye can see. There are steps winding down the outcrop to the choppy waters below.
We take the stairs and they continue down to a tunnel under the water, running near a coral reef. The walls are wet and you can push through them. Reeda tells us the effect is similar to a Pass Water spell, whatever that is.
We can see large sea horses and a sea anemone outside the tunnel. There is soon a branch off of the tunnel going left. We are all on guard.


I’m HOB! Hog is the one that smells like food.

Lobbi's Musings #13

Both prickly and stubborn, always grunting and snorting…

Lobbi's Musings #13

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