Thornkeep (Druid's Head)

Lobbi’s Musings #9

Trapped in the Apprentices’ Quarters

We wait around for ages for Hog to leave her coma as we cannot move her. Her temperament is much improved whilst she is unconscious. Not the smell, though.
Luckily, I’m able to return to my nearby lab and make some more fun things. I think the fumes are getting to me again as my recollection of the rest of the day are a bit hazy.
Slasher went through the unexplored mist and was damaged by freezing cold. Taking preparations, Jimbob and I hid in our respective magic haversacks and got our pets to carry us over the mist.
In the room beyond were three coloured faces with magical tongues and hand-sized impressions. They were blue, red and yellow in colour.
Phantoms appeared – a bald human, an elf, a female elf and a half-orc warrior. They looked like a party of adventures, came in through the mist, explored, and dissipate as they drifted towards the stairs.
Further into the room was a triangular table with three chairs, and 3 coloured doors beyond them.
Jimbob put his hand on the yellow magic tongue and his palm was marked with a magical rune. He opened the yellow door and revealed a room with two stable 5’ pillars of smoke, yellow and green.
We all suddenly got a deep sense of foreboding. Being goblins we all looked around but no-one said anything. Never admit to weakness is an early and terminal lesson for young gobs.
Reeda tried the red tongue and was also marked. He went through the red door and a stone column in the shape of a female animated and attacked. Hob rushed in to attack as Reeda ran away Good turn of speed.
I opened the uncoloured door nearest the mist. It revealed a big chamber with a dozen statues and a sunken floor. Possibly some sort of arena. Three lots of yellow mist seemed held back by glass, but a figure formed I left, shutting the door behind me. There was a door in the far wall.
We all heard a noise like a roar coming from a massive creature somewhere far away.
I’m confused by my new magic haversack and threw fire at it instead of acid. The animated statue was taken down by Slasher but its stone master-worked medium sized longsword remained.
Behind her was a door with steps down. It led to a small corridor with suspended scrolls on one side and a glass window on the other looking back into the room whose door I had recently opened and closed. The corridor also led to steps back up to another door.
The seven scrolls were: Tongues x 2, Summon Monster IV x 3, Summon Monster III, and Wall of Stone.
Hob tried the blue tongue but snatched his hand away before he was marked. He opened the blue door and sparks flew out at him. He looked around but shut the door without telling us what was beyond.
We returned to the door beyond the scrolls. It lead to a gallery of raised platforms and framed paintings, all with strong Summoning magic. It also a table covered with a book and lit candles. A quasit was hiding under the table.
A first, we decided not to attack it straight away! I hesitated as quasits are sometimes given to the favoured of Urgathoa. It seemed friendlier after we feed it some cured halfling liver. He told us his mistress is “here but not here”. She was one of three apprentices who tried to overthrow their master. He defeated them, sealed them in here, and left.
A party of four were also trapped and died down here, probably the four phantoms we saw earlier.
It appeared we were also trapped.
The book on the table was full of moving picture of creatures; it appears to be a “trophy book” by one of the apprentices. They seemed aware of us.
The quasit told us that his mistress’s rooms are the yellow areas. The two pillars of smoke are some sort of teleportation device, the green one of which is now broken but the yellow leads to another room down here.
A further door let to a chamber with a bed, desk and table. Many bell glass jars covered miniaturised creatures, five of which Reeda recognised as extinct and worth 1,500gp each. He could not tell us which other ones might be teetering on the brink, though – might have been worth a safari.


The quasit said we were trapped.
We haven’t checked yet.
It isn’t worth checking until we’ve explored everywhere.

Lobbi’s Musings #9

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