Thornkeep (Druid's Head)

Lobbi’s Musings #8

Bartering, Buying, Bugs and Boars

In the forest by the tomb raider’s newly excavated entrance to our home, I fly up to see if I can see where we are in relation to Thornkeep but I can’t see it. Worrying that I have lost a large village with a castle on a hill. Luckily Slinky thinks he knows the right direction – possibly using that long weird flicky tongue of his to taste the way.
We arrive back at Thornkeep in the morning and promptly try to sell out loot. No-one wants the 8’ jar of pickled living eyes so we decide to keep it (along with the Sword of Zog) as decoration for our new home. We sell or distribute most of the rest and with some strenuous bartering get 4,169.25gp each. The others all rush to the armourer to buy mithral armour. I pick up a magic backpack that holds loads of potions and flasks. My entire portable laboratory also fits inside! Bats seems relieved, the ungrateful creature.
We return to our temporary home at the halfling’s homestead to find that someone has kicked in the door and killed our goblin dogs. They have also emptied the larder and buried the Halflings outside. Shame as they were just getting ready to cure and smoke. Luckily we have the humans left at our new abode.
The new entrance to Zog’s kingdom is the other side of Thornkeep so we return via the rainbow door. We learn that “Zog” is not the correct answer for the bridge guardian. Perhaps Abraxus? Hob charges and manages to kill both snake legs with one mighty blow of his new spear. There’s some great innuendo fodder for a bard here, if we had one. We return to the exhibits room and Reeda uses some new magic to open the door we have not explored yet. Behind it is an insectoid creature with his back to us at a workbench, doing things with human body parts. We start to parlay to see if the creature is friendly… of course we don’t, We Be Goblins! I lob a bomb before anybody moves and the summoned creatures rush in. Hob also rushes in but has to stand behind Hog and Slasher whilst Slinky goes over the ceiling and behind the creature. Luckily Hob has a long spear and can reach over the top of Slasher (again, more innuendo available for Hob and his Mighty Spear of Long Reach). We find out the bug shrugs off cold damage and is resistant to fire. Also slashing weapons work best. We eventually wear it down but not before the creature has sunk all 4 of its claws into Hog and penetrated Hog’s brain. Some desperate healing by myself and Gremlins and Hog is stabilised but unconscious in some sort of a coma. There is no way we can move Hog so we have to rest here. Never occurred to me before but I think Hog may be female.
We commence the usual looting. The creature’s legs look familiar, and we realise that Hob’s new spear is made from a similar leg. The creature has on him: 2 scrolls of Summon Monster 3, a Wand of Charm Monster (10 charges), a Wand of Invisibility (15 charges) and a Wand of Sound Burst (15 charges).
We also explore the room beyond which has another curved workbench. There are suspended cages with 3 dead humans, cut open with their brains removed. From the way they are dressed they appear to be more of the looters. Shame he has ruined some of the tastiest bits. There are also alcoves with iron cages with human-sized openings in them. Runes on the floor in the alcoves appear to be some sort of Conjuration/teleportation magic.
We also find: a fire elemental gem, 2 bags of jewellery and sculptures worth an estimated 2,500 gp, and a pair of Goggles of Minute Seeing.



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