Thornkeep (Druid's Head)

Lobbi’s Musings #7

Weird Collections, Another Way In

We rush in to save Hob (or finish him off, I’m not sure which yet) but some of the humans start dragging his unconscious form away. Hog does his best to defend his master but is woefully outnumbered. More loyalty in the walking bacon than in the rest of us put together. I see a weakness here that may be exploitable.
All the humans appear heavily scarred – this should save scoring them later for crackling. Doesn’t save them from the ensuing slaughter either. Fetch the salt.
Looks like we were trying to save Hob after all so I administer a healing potion whilst Hog and Bats keep the enemy at bay.
The female leader has an everburning torch that Reeda gives to Hob. Perhaps to remind him of is foolish trailblazing ways. The leader also has a partial map of the area and a list of some of the items on display. It appears they are here to steal to order. If we locate the buyer perhaps we can sell them direct?
We loot the bodies and check out the exhibits in the trapped display cases in the alcoves:
a) Spiked gauntlets +1 for those with three fingers
b) Mithral +1 rifle with 4 barrels, broken
c) Wooden display panel of congealed blood crystals
d) Very large exotic leather saddle with pictures of dragons on it
e) Skeleton of an 8-legged cat
f) Mechanical damaged humanoid with wires
g) Magic spear made of an insect leg that Hob seems to covet
h) Two bags of devouring made of carapace and stomach parts
i) Brine jar of 100’s of eyes with mouths that move and follow movement
j) Living leather skin stretched over a frame. Freaky.
We return upstairs to my lab with the magic items to rest and Identify before heading back down. The snakey-legged bridge guardian has returned and is again defeated after we plan a careful strategy but Hob charges in.
To the left is a corridor with three rooms, each has a label:
1) Enigma of the Midnight Sun
2) Enigma of the Star Seeds
3) Enigma of the Dark Tapestry
3) contained an barred-off alcove that was open and some form of fungi of green luminescence. Reeda summoned a celestial pony and Hob rushed in to kill it with his new spear (the fungus and the pony).
2) contained an open 4’ geode/egg with an 8-legged cat that Hob rushed in to kill. The geode contains unrefined noqual.
1) contained stars all over the room, followed by a flash. Hob does not rush in.
Not much of a puzzle or mystery in any of them, if I’m honest.
Opposite from these in the main room is another with a sinister 10’ high statue with the head of a deformed fanged bird and snakes for legs. It is holding a stone holy book of Abraxus and a flail.
A door to the south in this room contains a room of cells containing two shadowy creatures. Hob rushes in and they are defeated but at the cost of my entire stock of Holy Water. This room then leads to steps down. They seem to go down a long way so instead of descending we return to a door to the north of the statue room labelled the “Hall of Lesser Mysteries” The room beyond has been recently plundered with empty alcoves and human footprints. To the right is damp moist room of swirling mist which we ignore for now as a recently excavated tunnel heads north and upwards. We follow this and come out in the woods on a riverbank about 2 miles north of Thornkeep. The entrance is quiet well hidden from the outside. This must be the way the human looters to Zog’s kingdom got in. There is no sign of anyone or any camp that we can see nearby.


Hob isn’t impetuous, he just really needs the practice.

Lobbi’s Musings #7

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