Thornkeep (Druid's Head)

Lobbi’s Musings #4

Elementals, Experiments, Excavators & Endings

Having re-equipped ourselves from the supplies of the defeated goblins, Gook explores the stairs at the rear of the cavern. This leads to a balcony overlooking a pool and 3 more goblins playing dice. One more sneaky attack later and we are again gathering loot, although Jimbob somehow has deafened himself with a crossbow. %Fortuitously, there is a potion that will restore my strength. One quaff later and I’m feeling much better. Still hungry, though.
Reeda searches the algae-filled pool using his summoned creatures but neither the dolphin nor Gook find anything. The dolphin complains less. I think.
I manage to cure Jimbob’s deafness by sucking the bloodclot out of his ears.
Next is a deep cavern with water at the bottom. Many yellow crystals are scattered and growing here. I start to collect them but leave the small barrel of pitch. I fly across but Jimbob is attacked by stirges on the way over. One carefully placed bomb soon sees our supplies re-stocked with baked stirge filled with fresh blood.
Leading from the other side is a corridor with a collapsed/unstable ceiling. A goblin appears to have been crushed by a falling boulder. We hook him out and relieve him of his magical chainmail.
Beyond squelchy Gook and I discover a dead-end. We tell the others we are looking for a secret way through whilst stopping for food and for Gook to dry off. Eventually we found a door that led us back to the big room with the shocking door.
Reeda believes we have the right gems to open the magic door.
We have to return to the scary statue and dripping Gook pries out the orange garnets.
Slasher (I can’t help noticing he has changed into a gorilla) inserts the gems and the door swings open. The gems seem to be absorbed by the door and there is a lever on the other side. Slasher tries to remove one of the gems but is hit by an electrical shock.
Stairs down lead to pool of glowing blue water that is suggested to be a scrying pool. Some look into it and clam they see lots of treasure.
Down further stairs is a large chamber holding another pool, this one stagnant with an oily sheen and an acrid smell coming from it. A glass glowing globe is held over the pool at the ceiling that is quickly removed. I go to examine the pool but a pseudopod rises and hits me hard. I lob a bomb into it but nothing reacts.
There is a door on the opposite with a robed human statue on either side.
Squeaky Gook is again sent exploring. He guides us into a room containing cells that open. We later find the activating lever and believe someone must have opened them manually. Three mutated goblins rush the advance party and battle ensues. We keep clear of the pool and come up with a plant to draw them near the pool to use the water creature against them. Not sure what goes wrong but I have plenty of time for a snack. The mutie goblins die before they get close to the pool. The one with octopus legs is just gross.
Gook again goes exploring. He returns back through the door with the statues either side of it, looking singed but happy.
We enter another room, this time with some sort of burrowing machine wedged in one corner. It seems to have entered through the far wall.
Suddenly there is movement in the rubble and what must be an earth elemental arises!
Gook is hit hard and hides behind Reeda. We all run back the way we came, apart from Gook who goes off down the excavated tunnel.
Reeda is at last persuaded to return to Thornkeep so does not re-summon Gook.
We head off to buy supplies. If we sell the spoils at half of the new value, the three of us will end up with 904gp, 9sp and 3cp. I guess the spare cp goes to Reeda.
Now where can I buy some chemicals???



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