Thornkeep (Druid's Head)

Finks of Gobbledegook

I fly through the tunnels like a fart – silent and deadly! There’s a statue all melted and wierd at the far side of a room, no guardians, must be a trap. I cross the room spotting the fungifings as soon as they move, oops that means they’ve seen me. I climb the statue and find the secret compartment but it’s sealed and the fungi are getting close. Better part of valour – let your comrades take the hit- I leap out of attack range and head back toward my cowering comrades.
Next bit’s a bit confused but we kill the critters and get the treasure – Ive got a magiky sword, it’s even sharper than my good sword wot I won from the Hobbits. And it’s got a name so now I am the master of ZOG. That name sounds familiar somehow but I forget from where.
My fellow warriors urge me onwards and I find a room filled with coloured mist. The others are afraid but I enter the mist and challenge the mighty horse spirit that lives within. He forces me back and inflicts severe damage on me. Jimbob and Slinky try to attack but are driven back.
Reeda seems to think that stabbing the floor will ,make a difference so I join in. All of a sudden Reeda declares the room safe, I don’t know how he did that but I respect him for it. I move in and find a purple gem which was giving all the colour to the mist. The room has been killed now.
More tunnelly bits and now there’s more Goblins, but not our Goblins so I’s on me guard. They seen me though and attacks so I retreats somewhat and warns me comrades. There’s a big fight and I gets behind them to wreak my revenge. They never see me coming Ha – Ha.
Now we got all this loot to sort out. I wonder who these Goblins were, I hope they weren’t the ones we were asked to help out.


I fly through the tunnels like a fart – silent and deadly!

I fly through the tunnels like a fart – a lingering bad smell that fades rapidly and leaves nothing good behind!

Finks of Gobbledegook

OK, so lingering and fading rapidly are contradictory, but it made sense to me.

Finks of Gobbledegook

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