Welcome to the Thornkeep Adventures
Goblins Go Wild

There comes a time in young Goblin’s life, when he has to prove his worth to the rest of the clan. So it came to pass, you and your peers had to show resourcefulness for the Blood Moon Clan. You and your compatriots laid ambush to the main road. Eventually a human traveller came along, dressed in outlandish cloth and making an awful screeching sound. You quickly over powered your prey, though her mount was more troublesome.

You divided the loot, what there was of it. Most of it was useless wooden artefacts that either twanged or made a screeching noise when blown. But there was the colourful cloth, though a bit blood stained now, a couple of metal sharp sticks and a few metallic shineys. Reeda found some bound leaflets, some with pictures. Reeda seemed quite taken with these and kept them for himself, even though Chief Gut Splicer said no good would come of it.

Over the next few months Reeda began to tell tall tales of a Goblin Emperor named Zog. He had built a powerful fortress and for years ruled over the bigger races, even destroying a major human settlement of Alban. Reeda’s books even told him where this Kingdom used to lie and he was going to reclaim it.

This was a brash claim and Chief Gut Splicer became wary of Reeda and the power he seem to wield over his peers. So Chief Gut Splicer sent Reeda and a few of his compatriots off to reclaim this mysterious land of Zog……….

And so you arrive at Thornkeep: A rough, lawless frontier town on the edge of civilisation. There is basic information about the town here. Main Wiki Page

Thornkeep (Druid's Head)

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